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African fashion represents liberation, culture, identity, and beauty.

JKanule Boutique LLC empowers artisans in Africa and amplifies our roots; being rooted in our origin. The JKanule brand is a way of life; staying chic and rooted. African fashion represents liberation, culture, identity, and beauty. Our JKanule brand items are handmade by artisans in Africa. Products are curated by artisans and partners. We partner with other unique brands who share in our mission to champion Africa. We take pride in our craft, identity, culture, and our collective efforts. We foster the concept of Ubuntu, I am because we are. JKanule Boutique's prosperity is attributed to the collective efforts of our artisans in Africa, our global team, our beloved customers, supporters, partners and, above all, the grace of God.

JKanule Boutique was founded by Jackline Kanule Kamazima, owner of JKanule Boutique LLC., in June 2021. Born in Bukoba, Tanzania, East Africa, and raised in the United States, her cross-cultural lifestyle and passion for fashion led her to a journey of sharing her African roots with the world. At JKanule Boutique we take pride in African and Black identity and culture. Our vibrant fabrics, fashionable apparel, accessories, and arts speak to the light and beauty of Africa's people. Our unique materials and handmade products are top-tier. It is our hope that each of our product gives you a deeper connection to The Motherland. 


Learn about some of our artisans below


Aisha is a mother and wife with a tailoring business. She owns and operates a shop with a team of two other artisans.


Selina works as a full time production worker. She makes beaded products part time. On her spare time she enjoys exercising outdoor.


Mama Lucy has been an artisan for over 25 years. She sews, makes batik, and whatever else she can to earn a living.

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